Timberframe Barn Home

This residential project is a hybrid of new construction and structural re-use. The timberframe of an existing on-site barn was relocated onto a new, insulated foundation, and then wrapped in a continuous layer of Structural Insulated Panels to create a tight, efficient, contemporary home with the classic character of rustic heavy timber defining the interior space.

Project Details

  • Our clients desired a home with an open, flowing floorplan that contained all primary spaces on a single, at-grade level.
  • The bottom 7 feet of the barn structure, which had been degraded by time and moisture, was discarded.  This allowed the remaining structure to sit lower in the living space, bringing the lofty agricultural building down to human scale.
  • The lower level of the new home, which exits at grade to the East, is constructed of insulated concrete, and contains support functions such as supplementary bedrooms and utility spaces.
  • To temper the stark agricultural character of the barn form, a shed roofed addition and entry canopy were attached to the West, street facing facade.
  • The landscape was carefully designed to create graceful transitions between building and outdoor space. This aided in the aesthetic transformation from working barn to home for living in.
  • The barn structure was not only shifted laterally, but also rotated, to create the best orientation for new fenestration that would frame the excellent views of the Holyoke Mountain Range in the distance.

Project Team


SIPS Construction

Coldham Architects, Amherst MA

Foard Panel, West Chesterfield NH