Thousand Home Challenge hurdle cleared again!

In November 2013, The Thousand Home Challenge announced that the C&H Architects project at Hampden Street in Northampton became the 20th Home certified by their organization. The home was part of National Grid’s Deep Energy Retrofit pilot program in 2012.

The Thousand Home Challenge seeks examples of homes which have radically reduced their energy use. The certification process is performance-based – applicants must demonstrate, with energy bills, one year of energy use which proves their consumption below a stated target. The original baseline consumption is derived either from energy bills of the year before, or from a regionally adjusted baseline which accounts for home size, number of occupants, and climate.

It is a creative challenge – and encourages reductions by a variety of means. Some use Deep Energy Retrofit techniques to reduce their base load; some turn down the heat radically, isolate portions of the home, and take up showering at the Y. The Thousand Home Challenge imagines a world in which our carbon reductions are radically reduced, and in which our lifestyles might change as much as our insulation levels.

At, you can see the Case Studies, read the testimonies, sign up for a webinar, or join the Challenge yourself.

The Home Energy Pros forum at Lawrence Berkeley Labs posted a summary from Linda Wigington, the Challenge’s originator, on the milestone of the 20th home, and some interesting energy data compiled from those 20 homes.