From those who should know, some kind words


Hello Bruce & Tom:
All’s well at the Harris Center in Hancock, lots of summer programs, multiple use of the building today with all major rooms being used.  To say that we are happy with the place is an understatement.

Hunt Dowse, Harris Center Chairman of the Board

On the administration end, Coldham & Hartman Architects was by far the most efficient architect which I have ever worked with in processing the mountains of paper work which develop throughout the course of a job. The diligent and extremely accurate management of submittals, requests for information, change orders and requisitions greatly facilitated both the timely delivery of a great project for the owner and a profitable job for the contractor.

Thomas P. O’Connor, Jr.,
Project Manager, The RL Whipple Co., Inc.

We selected Coldham & Hartman after a rigorous and highly competitive RFP and interview process, for which we received 13 proposals from highly qualified teams including several of the largest firms in Boston. Coldham and Hartman’s response was somewhat unorthodox in that they did not provide a fee proposal as requested in the RFP, but rather suggested a process by which we could refine the scope of work and arrive at a mutually agreeable cost structure.

As it turned out, their approach was far more useful and ultimately more cost-effective. This is just one example of Coldham and Hartman’s strong commitment to meeting their clients’ needs, and to their skills in communication and consensus-building (our development team includes two for-profit entities as well as ourselves, all of whom needed to agree on the scope and fee upfront; Coldham and Hartman navigated this process with grace, good humor and a clear understanding of our team dynamics).

Let me simply say that Bruce, Tom and all of the staff at Coldham and Hartman are a pleasure to work with. Choosing an architect is a deeply personal as well as professional process that requires good chemistry, mutual respect, and shared values. We found that rare blend with Coldham and Hartman, and could not be more pleased with the results.

Maggie Super Church
Lawrence Community Works at Union Crossing


We had a perfect patio house day on Sunday this weekend, and were commenting out loud just how lovely the house is to live in now. All the doors were open, the two little kids were moving freely between the courtyards and the inside….it was wonderful.

MidCentury Modern DER

It was with some trepidation that we entered the project of building a home from A to Z. It must be said that the process was much more enjoyable than we could have anticipated. For that we must thank many, but most especially you. We found a person who, while he had concepts and was not afraid to express them, listened to our rather imprecise but nonetheless real ideas — and was willing to work with them.

“We wanted a house that when people see it they say ‘Wow!’

“We have had a number of people say … ‘Wow!’

Peter and Mary Brady

We just wanted to let you know (again, maybe!) that we love the new house.  We’ve felt so comfortable in the spaces from the first days.  They really reflect the way we live.   The windows bathe the rooms with light and surround them with spacious views. And the recessed LEDs and other LED fixtures are working great at night. The wood ceilings and trees bring a wonderful warmth and character.  You had said you would design a house with as much character as our post and beam house, and you were right.   It all feels comfortable, easy, and convenient.

Sue and Tom Powers


The skill that Bruce and Tom bring to a project is amazing. From beginning to end they worked to bring out our needs and turn them into something that was better than we could have imagined.

Bruce’s design skills are terrific. He developed the plans for the dream homes of 28 families with very different visions all using just four basic designs. His use of color and the way he situated our homes give our community great visual interest with little extra cost.

Tom is an amazing project manager. He worked extremely well with our contractor to make sure we got incredibly well built and extremely energy efficient homes. Our home was given the highest energy star rating (5 stars plus). I was extremely impressed with his commitment to the job and his ability to work with the contractor to solve problems on the spot in a way that always improved the final product.

Randy Sailer
Rocky Hill Cohousing