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    c&h architects
    Amherst, MA 01002

    Phone: 413.549.3616

    Extensive experience with environmentally sensitive materials and high performance systems.

    “Green Building” is not an add-on to our design, or a department of our firm: it is the core of our practice, and we’ve been doing it for thirty years.

    Strong listening, programming, and design skills.

    We have particular experience in creating high quality spaces to promote comfortable, healthy working and living environments — and in listening to clients’ concerns about what that means.

    Experience at creating and managing inclusive design processes involving many diverse players.

    Involvement with non-profits, facilities teams, Trustees, and town committees has taught us thoughtful navigation to successful outcomes.

    A broad network of practitioners across New England.

    We bring together teams which include some of the best consultants in the region and the nation.

    Best wishes from those who would know.

    We value the ability to build positive, lasting, client relationships.