Our Mission : Design for the Next Hundred Years

At C&H Architects, we design spaces that use resources efficiently, endure over time, and nourish the lives of their occupants. This holistic approach to sustainability is at the core of our practice.

Whether you want to push the envelope of green building or simply want a light-filled home connected to the land, we listen deeply to your distinct desires and create unique architectural solutions to meet them.

The aesthetics of our projects are as diverse as our clients, yet each design shares the integration of thoughtful spaces, durable materials, and resourceful systems.


Our Approach

To fully understand the particular factors of your project, we ask questions and listen closely to your responses:  What are your needs, your desires?  What does the site have to offer, what are its constraints?  What is the project budget, and how can we get the most value out of the resources allocated?  The form, systems, and aesthetics of the building evolve out of this process of discovery.

And while every project is unique, our decades of experience allows us to predictably shepherd your project through defined phases of development. Our ability to orchestrate the decision-making process allows the team to move forward in an informed manner without costly backtracking.

As a small office, your project benefits from the personal attention of one or more of our partners. The reach of our expertise, however, extends beyond the walls of our office to include a network of some of the most accomplished landscape designers, engineers, and consultants available. We are dedicated to creating a well-coordinated, mutually respectful team that serves the best interests of our clients.

We have successfully helped our clients achieve: Net-zero energy, Passive House, Living Building Certification, low embodied carbon, decarbonization/electrification, exceptional IAQ (indoor air quality), deep energy retrofits, and grid independence. We see these standards of performance as the basis for joyful spaces that will be used for generations to come.


Our History

The roots of C&H were planted by Bruce Coldham in 1989 to provide sustainable designs in response to a changing climate.  Over the last 33 years, the firm has maintained its culture of collaboration and grown to incorporate the leadership of its four current partners: Thomas Hartman, Elizabeth Morgan, Garth Schwellenbach, and Jesse Selman.

The range of our clients includes residential, colleges and universities, commercial businesses, and non-profits.  We are proud of the feedback we have received over the years – that working on a project with us is fun as well as productive. The best testament to our success is our high number of repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals.


Old Buildings

While we are always excited about new construction projects, there is a special place in our hearts for the renovation of old buildings. Many existing structures have great bones and materials that are still within their functional lifespan. The reuse of these materials is both practical and sustainable.

Old buildings in New England also often express the unique history and character of their place. There is nothing quite as satisfying as making a building stretch beyond its original design into an entirely new realm of functionality and energy performance, all while honoring it’s history and vernacular origin. At C&H, our blend of expertise and experience is uniquely suited to these projects, and we relish the chance to exercise it.