C&H Sponsors a Free Forum on Sustainability at NESEA’s Building Energy Conference

What is the best way forward in the face of Global Climate Change, Peak Oil, and global struggle for resources? What are the best solutions, and which ones are dangerous dead ends? Attendants to the Boston Green Tea Party forum heard from James Howard Kunstler (The Long Emergency), Solitaire Townsend (Futerra.org), Linda Gunter (Beyond Nuclear.org), and Chris Martenson (The End of Money) as they joined a panel discussion hosted by NECN’s Jim Braude on our energy future.

For those attending Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s Building Energy conference and trade show, the forum helped stoke the fires of discussion and provided food for thought for their daily practice in the building industry. For those not attending the conference, the forum was a great place to meet the community of renewable energy advocates, green building practitioners, and designers of the future that make up the NESEA network. The goal was for everyone to leave the Green Tea Party stimulated, challenged, and energized.

The forum, organized by C&H Architects, sponsored by UK Trade and Investment, and presented by NESEA, was free and open to the public.