Vineyard Homestead

This project was designed and built by our Martha’s Vineyard friends, South Mountain Company. C&H worked for SMC as a Guest Architect for this 4,250 sf house with 1,900 sf guest accommodations.

The building is sited on a 100-acre parcel adjacent to the Great Pond in Edgartown on the island’s south flank.


While working with South Mountain Company, C&H not only participated in the house design, but also played a role in exploring the function of computer drafting and modeling in SMC’s culture of craft.

The new structure was designed to minimize the height, and therefore view of the house from the Pond that might disrupt the natural serenity. Mechanical systems, overseen by Marc Rosenbaum, are driven by a heat pump with radiant floors and was intended to be powered by a wind turbine.

The existing on-site house was moved to another location and donated to create two affordable housing units on the island. The windows are triple glazed and the wall system is a 2×6 with 1” of exterior foam. The exterior siding is salvaged cypress clapboards, and all interior doors and cabinetry are custom made by South Mountain of cypress. The arched portico, made of locally collected driftwood, frames a redwood entry door.

Project Team

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Brian Vanden Brink