Anna Seeger, CPHC

Draftsperson & Building Information Modeler

Anna joined the C&H team in the spring of 2024 as a draftsperson and building information modeler.  With years of experience as a builder and licensed general contractor under her tool belt, in 2012 she started her own business, Trillium Construction.  From there it was a natural progression to expand into the design phase which combines her love of building, drawing and creative problem solving.

Anna’s interest in building began at the young age of 4 when she received her first set of tools from her father, a master woodworker, dulcimer maker, and an amazing jack of all trades. Growing up off the grid in a Swedish style log house built by her parents instilled her with a deep love of nature, homesteading and creating with her hands.

Often taking a less traditional path, Anna has always been intentional about where she was headed and what she wanted to learn. She has sailed tall ships, built her own telescope, learned traditional Zapotech weaving on a backstrap loom, worked for a timber framer, and studied blacksmithing, spinning and natural dyeing to name a few.

When not creating with her hands, Anna enjoys finding beauty in the natural world, connecting deeply with friends and family, sketching, baking, and most of all, spending time with her two daughters.


Masters in the Art of Living
School of Life


Trillium Construction & Design


Integrity Development & Construction


Iron Bridge Woodworkers



Certified Passive House Consultant, Phius ID# 118421

Construction Supervisor, Lic. #CS-106069

Home Improvement Contractor, Lic. #175898