Samantha Wood

Project Manager/CADD & Modeling Wizard

Samantha joined C&H in 2011, bringing 8 years of experience with a variety of project types including large and small-scale residential, healthcare, and education. She also has an extensive background in the development and management of CADD and drawing standards and 3D modeling techniques. Having a positive impact on our environment and community through her developing expertise in high performance/sustainable design is her primary professional goal.

While Samantha’s formal educational background is in Psychology, she focused all of her elective course time on the study of fine arts and photography. After completing her B.A, and taking a few years to start a family, Samantha fell in love with Architecture in 2003 while taking some noncredit graduate courses in drafting and design at UMass Amherst. It was here that she came to see how her endless curiosity about human psychology and interest in the visual arts could find a home in the practice of Architecture, with its wonderful interplay of space, aesthetics and human dynamics.

Samantha was born and raised in CT but feels the Pioneer Valley is truly home. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, discovering outdoor adventures (the most recent being surfing in Cape Cod), listening to music, and learning new things.


Clark University Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Psychology


Construction Project Manager
Integrity Development & Construction Company

Architectural Associate/CADD Manager
Dietz & Company Architects

Architectural Associate/Office Manager
Studio Projects